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6 Best Project Management Software & Tools In 2023

Welcome to the fast-paced world of project management, where efficiency and organization are paramount to success. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or a budding entrepreneur, the right tools can make all the difference in streamlining your business workflow and maximizing productivity.

This article will look at the 6 best project management software in 2023. From feature-rich applications that easily handle complex projects to user-friendly platforms designed for small teams, I’ve got you covered.

What is project management software?

Project management software is a digital lifeline for organizing and overseeing projects from start to finish. It’s a powerful tool that simplifies complex tasks, helping teams collaborate seamlessly and stay on track.

Think of it as your virtual assistant, keeping deadlines in check, managing resources, and fostering clear communication among team members. From task assignment to progress tracking and reporting, project management software removes the headache from project planning. It’s the go-to solution for staying organized, boosting productivity, and achieving successful project outcomes.

Benefits of project management software

benefits of project management software

Project management tools are game-changers for any organization, revolutionizing project planning and execution. They offer many benefits:

  • Centralized information: All project-related data in one place, promoting easy access and collaboration among team members.

  • Enhanced communication: Foster clear communication channels, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned.

  • Organized task management: Assign tasks and track deadlines effortlessly, reducing the risk of missing crucial milestones.

  • Real-time updates: Stay up-to-date with project progress, enabling timely adjustments and keeping the project on track.

  • Efficient resource allocation: Optimize resource management, ensuring the right resources are allocated to the right tasks.

  • Increased productivity: Simplify complex processes, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

What are the different types of project management software?

Project management software comes in many flavors, each catering to different needs and preferences:

  1. Collaborative Software: Designed for teamwork, these platforms promote seamless collaboration among team members. They facilitate real-time communication, file sharing, and joint task management.

  2. Individual Software: Tailored for personal use or small projects, these tools focus on individual task tracking and organization. They offer simplicity and ease of use for those seeking a minimalist approach.

  3. Integrated Software: These comprehensive solutions combine various project management features into a unified platform. From task management to resource allocation and reporting, everything is seamlessly integrated for better efficiency.

  4. Cloud-Based Software: These platforms are hosted in the cloud and allow access from anywhere with an internet connection. They offer real-time updates, easy scalability, and effortless collaboration, making them perfect for remote teams and on-the-go project management.

When selecting a project management solution, consider the collaborative needs of your team, the simplicity desired for individual use, the benefits of integration, and the accessibility and flexibility of a cloud-based solution. Choose the type that aligns best with your project’s requirements and workflow preferences.

What are the most important features of project management software?

features of project management software
Image by storyset on Freepik

It’s essential to understand the most important features that will transform your project planning and execution to find the best project management platform. Let’s explore the key functionalities that good project management software should offer. Considering these essential features, you can equip yourself and your team with the tools needed to enhance your projects’ organization, collaboration, and productivity.

  1. Project planning and scheduling: Efficiently break down your projects into manageable tasks, set deadlines, and create a clear roadmap for seamless execution.

  2. Team collaboration: Foster effective communication and collaboration among team members, facilitating real-time discussions, file sharing, and task assignments.

  3. Time tracking: Monitor productivity and manage resources efficiently by keeping track of the time spent on each task, providing valuable insights into individual and team performance.

  4. Reporting: Gain valuable insights into project progress, performance metrics, and potential roadblocks through detailed and customizable reports.

  5. Project budgeting: Stay on top of your finances by setting budgets, tracking expenses, and allocating resources effectively to ensure your project remains within budget.

  6. Billing & quotes: For businesses, invoicing clients accurately is crucial. Look for software with billing and quoting capabilities to simplify the process and ensure transparent and precise billing for your services.

What are the 6 best Project Management Software in 2023?

1. – Best overall project management software - best overall project management software is the absolute best project management software out there! Say goodbye to chaos and inefficiency as transforms how teams work together.

With its user-friendly interface, you’ll be up and running quickly, maximizing productivity from day one. From startups to big corporations, adapts to your unique needs, making project planning and execution a breeze.

Custom workflows, task assignments, real-time tracking – has it all. Stay in sync with your team, effortlessly share files, and communicate directly within the platform.

Experience the future of project management with and see your team soar to new heights of success!

Key features

Data visualization: With project data visualizations and dashboards, offers an easy-to-digest overview of your projects. Track progress, identify roadblocks, and make well-informed decisions at a glance!

Project automation: Say goodbye to manual tasks with project automation. Set up rules to automate reminders, notifications, and repetitive processes, freeing valuable time for more critical work.

Collaboration features: fosters teamwork with its collaboration capabilities. Communicate, share files, and exchange feedback directly within the platform, ensuring everyone stays in sync.

Comprehensive integration options: Enjoy extensive integrations with tools like Google Workspace and Slack. effortlessly connects your existing workflows for a smooth and integrated project management experience.

Excellent Customer Support: Experience top-notch customer support with Whenever you have questions or need assistance, their team quickly responds and provides thorough solutions to your queries.

Apps Marketplace: Access to many additional features and functionalities through the app marketplace. Enhance your project management toolkit with a variety of handy tools.

Reporting: Make informed choices using’s reporting and analytics features. Track project performance, identify trends, and leverage data to achieve project success.

Pricing - monthly plan.’s monthly package - annual plan.’s annual package

The software offers 5 pricing packages:

  • Free: Free forever! This plan allows up to 2 seats, 3 boards, and 200+ templates.

  • Basic: $10 per seat/month for the monthly subscription or $8 per seat/month for the annual subscription. This plan suits small teams looking to manage work in one place.

  • Standard: $12 per seat/month for the monthly subscription or $10 per seat/month for the annual subscription. This option is for collaboration between different teams.

  • Pro: $20 per seat/month for the monthly subscription or $16 per seat/month for the monthly subscription. You can use this plan to manage projects that require extensive collaboration.

  • Enterprise: A custom plan. Contact the sales team to learn more.

The software also offers a 14-day free trial. What are you waiting for? Try today!


  • Intuitive user interface, straightforward to use.

  • Offer a comprehensive set of features at an affordable price.

  • Support various integrations.


  • The Free and Basic plans only hold the activity log for one week.

  • Require at least 3 users for each paid plan.

2. GanttPro – Best project management software for startups

GanttPro - best project management software for startups

GanttPro is the ultimate project management system designed for startups! If you’re a startup entrepreneur looking to conquer projects easily, you’re in the right place. GanttPro empowers you to stay on top of your game, helping you plan, execute, and succeed like never before.

With GanttPro’s intuitive interface and user-friendly features, you’ll hit the ground running without any hassle. Create dynamic Gantt charts, set realistic timelines, and manage resources efficiently, all in one place. Whether juggling multiple projects or handling a growing team, GanttPro’s got you covered.

Stay organized, collaborate effortlessly, and keep everyone in sync with real-time updates. From brainstorming ideas to celebrating milestones, GanttPro streamlines your startup journey, enabling you to focus on what matters most – making your startup successful.

Key features

Plan Views: GanttPro offers versatile plan views, allowing you to visualize your projects in Gantt charts, Board, or List formats. Tailor your planning experience to fit your unique project needs.

Planning: Take the stress out of planning with GanttPro’s planning features. You can create and filter tasks as well as set project milestones effortlessly.

Task Management: Stay in control of your tasks with GanttPro’s powerful tools. Assign responsibilities, set priorities, and track progress, ensuring everyone stays on track.

Collaboration: Foster collaboration like never before with GanttPro’s collaborative features. Communicate with your team, share files, and exchange feedback directly within the platform, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Efficient Project Management: From project initiation to completion, GanttPro streamlines your project management journey. Monitor project progress, manage dependencies, and make data-driven decisions for project success.

Team & Resource Management: Efficiently manage your team’s workload and resources with GanttPro. Easily assign tasks, view team availability, and optimize resource allocation for maximum efficiency.

Import & Export: Import existing project data or export Gantt charts to various formats, making data transfer a breeze. Seamlessly integrate GanttPro into your existing workflows.

Templates: GanttPro offers a range of project templates, giving you a head start on your projects. Save time and effort while ensuring a solid foundation for project planning.

Top-Notch Support: Experience exceptional customer support with GanttPro’s dedicated team. Their support team is ready to provide timely and comprehensive solutions whenever you need assistance. You can also benefit from the comprehensive knowledge base that GanttPro provides.


GanttPro - monthly plan.
GanttPro’s monthly plan
GanttPro - annual plan.
GanttPro’s annual plan

GanttPro offers 4 different pricing options:

  • Basic: $9.99 per user/month for the monthly subscription or $7.99 per user/month for the annual subscription. If you only choose this plan for yourself, you will pay $9.99 monthly for the annual subscription.

  • Pro: $15.99 per user/month for the monthly subscription or $12.99 per user/month for the annual subscription. If you only choose this plan for yourself, you will pay $15.99 monthly for the annual subscription.

  • Business: $24.99 per user/month for the monthly subscription or $19.99 per user/month for the annual subscription. If you only choose this plan for yourself, you will pay $24.99 monthly for the annual subscription.

  • Enterprise: Custom plan. You can contact them for more information.


  • Offer many integrations.

  • Offer 1-on-1 support through Calendly.

  • Helpful knowledge base.


  • No free forever plan. The free trial only lasts for 14 days.

  • No invoicing tools.

3. Notion – Best task management software

Notion - best task management software

Notion is the ultimate task management software that will revolutionize your work! If you’re tired of juggling multiple apps to stay organized, Notion is your all-in-one solution. It combines note-taking, project planning, and task management, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

With Notion, you can create custom workflows, easily organize tasks, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Its flexibility caters to every aspect of your life, from personal to professional tasks.

Experience unparalleled productivity as you streamline your to-dos, set deadlines, and track progress effortlessly. No more switching between apps or losing important information. Notion keeps everything in one place, making task management a breeze.

Join the countless individuals and teams already experiencing the benefits of Notion and take charge of your tasks like never before. Embrace the simplicity and power of Notion, and watch your productivity soar!

Key features

Wikis: Notion empowers you with flexible and collaborative wikis. Create extensive documentation, knowledge bases, or team wikis, making information easily accessible for everyone.

To-Do List Block: Keep your tasks organized with the to-do list block. Create checklists, set due dates, and track your progress all in one place.

Text Editor: Notion’s sleek and powerful text editor lets you easily format, customize, and structure your content. Write, edit, and collaborate seamlessly for a polished final product.

File Sharing: Say goodbye to email attachments! Notion allows effortless file sharing, making it simple to collaborate on documents, images, and files in real time.

Database Templates: Create dynamic databases effortlessly with Notion’s customizable templates. Whether it’s for tracking expenses, inventory, or customer data, Notion has you covered.

Project Pages: Organize your projects with dedicated project pages. Combine notes, tasks, and media to keep all project-related information in one centralized location.

Timelines: Visualize your projects with interactive timelines. Easily plan and track milestones, deadlines, and progress, helping you stay on top of your project’s development.

Gantt Charts: Take your project planning to the next level with Gantt charts in Notion. Map out dependencies, manage resources, and ensure smooth project execution.


Notion - monthly plan.

Notion gives you 4 different choices:

  • Free: A free forever plan. This plan suits individuals who want to manage their work and life efficiently. This plan allows up to 10 guests.

  • Plus: $8 per user/month for the annual subscription and $10 per user/month for the monthly subscription. This plan is suitable for small teams looking to get organized. The plan allows up to 100 guests.

  • Business: $15 per user/month for the annual subscription and $18 per user/month for the monthly subscription. This plan is suitable for companies looking to connect several teams and tools. The plan allows up to 250 guests.

  • Enterprise: A custom plan. You can contact Notion’s sales team to learn more.


  • Easy to use. Support many features to manage tasks efficiently.

  • Excellent note-taking capabilities.

  • Highly customizable.


  • No advanced project management features.

  • Require some manual work to manage tasks.

4. TeamGantt – Best cloud-based project management software

TeamGantt - best cloud-based project management software

TeamGantt is a perfect project management software designed to elevate your project management experience! With its intuitive interface and robust features, TeamGantt empowers you and your team to plan, collaborate, and execute easily.

Say goodbye to overwhelming spreadsheets and hello to streamlined project timelines that keep everyone on track. From assigning tasks to tracking progress, TeamGantt ensures seamless coordination and real-time updates.

With the flexibility of cloud-based access, you can manage projects anytime, anywhere. Experience the power of TeamGantt and witness a new level of productivity and efficiency in your projects.

Key features

All-in-one Gantt chart: GanttChart offers a comprehensive Gantt chart tool, providing a visual roadmap of your project from start to finish. Stay organized and on top of deadlines with ease.

Workloads & team availability: Effortlessly manage workloads and team availability with GanttChart. Allocate tasks effectively and ensure your team is optimally utilized.

Easy collaboration: Collaboration is simple with GanttChart. The platform allows seamless communication and file sharing, promoting teamwork and smooth project execution.

Portfolio views and reports: Gain valuable insights into your project portfolio with portfolio views and reports. Analyze progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Calendar and list views: Customize your project view with flexible calendar and list views. Choose the format that suits your preference and work style.

Project plan templates: Save time and kickstart your projects with project plan templates. Get a head start on planning and enjoy quicker project setup.

Project history: Access a project’s history to review changes, milestones, and updates. Keep track of project evolution and maintain a clear project audit trail.

File storage: Keep all your project files securely with GanttChart’s file storage. No more hunting for scattered documents!

Time tracking: Monitor project hours with built-in time tracking. Stay on budget and track project progress effortlessly.

Subgroups & Tasks: Organize your projects efficiently with subgroups and tasks. Break down complex projects into manageable steps for improved execution.

Planned vs. actual timelines: This feature compares planned timelines with actual progress. Identify variances and adapt your project strategy accordingly.


TeamGantt - monthly plan.
TeamGantt’s monthly plan
TeamGantt - annual plan.
TeamGantt’s annual plan

The platform offers 3 pricing options:

  • Lite: $24 per month/manager for the monthly subscription and $19 per month/manager for the annual subscription. This plan supports 5 projects per manager and 150 tasks per project.

  • Pro: $59 per month/manager for the monthly subscription and $49 per month/manager for the annual subscription. This plan supports 20 projects per manager and unlimited tasks per project.

  • Enterprise: $99 per month/manager.

You can also try the free Lite and Pro versions for 30 days. Try TeamGantt today and take your project management game to the next level.


  • Flexible and easy to use.

  • Track the real-time progress of a project.

  • Responsive customer service.


  • Limited reporting features.

  • Pricing can be high for multi-manager teams.

5. MindMeister – Best visual project management software

MindMeister - best visual project management software

MindMeister is an excellent visual project management software that will transform how you plan and execute your projects. No more complex and boring spreadsheets. Say hello to a visual canvas that brings your ideas to life.

With MindMeister’s intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily create mind maps, flowcharts, and timelines to clearly map your projects.

Visualize your project progress, identify key tasks, and establish clear connections between project components. Collaborate seamlessly with your team in real time, and watch your ideas flourish into actionable plans.

MindMeister’s visual approach simplifies project management like never before, whether you’re managing personal projects or team initiatives. Embrace the power of visual thinking and unlock the full potential of your projects with MindMeister as your trusted companion!

Key features

Essentials: MindMeister’s foundation lies in its user-friendly interface, allowing you to create captivating mind maps effortlessly. Organize your ideas, tasks, and goals in a visually appealing canvas, making project planning a breeze.

Styling: Get creative with MindMeister’s styling options. Customize your mind maps with various themes, colors, and fonts, giving your projects a unique and polished look.

Advanced Features: Take your projects to the next level with MindMeister’s advanced features. From expanding notes to attaching files, these tools enhance your planning and execution experience.

Collaboration: Collaboration is seamless with MindMeister. Work with your team in real-time, brainstorm ideas, and see instant updates, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Integrations & Embeds: Connect MindMeister with your favorite tools and platforms, enhancing productivity and streamlining your workflow. Embed your mind maps in presentations, websites, or documents for dynamic visualizations.

Teams: Work together efficiently with MindMeister’s team features. Assign roles, manage permissions, and keep everyone engaged and productive.

Sharing: Share your mind maps with ease. MindMeister offers secure and straightforward sharing options, whether with your team or external stakeholders.

On the Go: Stay productive wherever you are with MindMeister’s mobile app. Access and update your mind maps on the go, ensuring you never miss a beat.


MindMeister - 6-month plan.
MindMeister’s 6-month plan
MindMeister - annual plan.
MindMeister’s annual plan

The project management app offers 4 different pricing structures:

  • Basic: Free forever plan. Allows up to 3 mind maps.

  • Personal: $6.99 per user/month for the 6-month subscription or $5.99 per user/month for the annual subscription.

  • Pro: $11.99 per user/month for the 6-month subscription or $9.99 per user/month for the annual subscription.

  • Business: $17.99 per user/month for the 6-month subscription or $14.99 per user/month for the annual subscription.

The company also offers a free trial. Get your trial now by contacting the sales team.


  • Engaging and easy to use, attractive to beginners.

  • Affordable pricing structures.

  • Comprehensive features.


  • Limited features for the free plan.

  • Slow-to-respond customer service.

6. ClickUp – Best free project management software

ClickUp - best free project management software

ClickUp is the best free project management software to supercharge your productivity without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, or part of a team, ClickUp is here to simplify your project management journey.

ClickUp helps you organize tasks, set deadlines, and collaborate seamlessly. From customizable task views to real-time communication, ClickUp keeps your projects on track and your team in sync.

Experience the power of efficient project management without costing a dime. ClickUp’s free version offers many things you need to stay organized and achieve success. Embrace the freedom of ClickUp and take your projects to new heights.

Key features

Dashboards: ClickUp’s intuitive dashboards provide a bird’s-eye view of all your projects. Stay organized and easily track progress, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Notepad: Jot down ideas, create meeting notes, or brainstorm with ClickUp’s built-in notepad. Keep your thoughts organized and accessible, all within the same platform.

Targets and Goals: Set ambitious targets and goals with ClickUp. Define milestones, monitor achievements, and stay focused on your project objectives.

Workspace Views: Customize your workspace with various views – List, Board, Gantt, and more. Tailor ClickUp to fit your unique project needs and work style.

Task Tray: ClickUp’s handy task tray ensures effortless task management. Access and update tasks from anywhere in the platform, streamlining your workflow.

Task Priorities: Stay on top of your to-do list with task priorities. Set urgency levels, focus on critical tasks, and maintain your project’s momentum.

Notifications: Stay informed and up-to-date with real-time notifications. ClickUp keeps you in the loop with updates on task progress, comments, and more.

Time Estimation and Time Tracking: Plan your projects effectively with time estimation, and track actual time spent on tasks for accurate project management.

Clip Recording: Capture and record important information with ClickUp’s clip recording feature. Save time on note-taking and focus on executing your projects.


ClickUp - monthly plan.
ClickUp’s monthly plan
ClickUp - annual plan.
ClickUp’s annual plan

ClickUp offers 5 pricing plans:

  • Free: Free forever plan, suitable for individual use.

  • Unlimited: $10 per member/month for the monthly subscription and $7 per member/month for the annual subscription.

  • Business: $19 per member/month for the monthly subscription and $12 per member/month for the annual subscription.

  • Business Plus: $29 per member/month for the monthly subscription and $19 per member/month for the annual subscription.

  • Enterprise: Custom plan for large firms.


  • The free plan offers many robust features.

  • Paid plans support unlimited Gantt charts.


  • It’s harder to master the software compared to other project management tools.

  • Glitchy app on Android.

How to choose project management software?

Choosing the right project management tool can be game-changing for your team or organization. With so many options available, wisely navigating the selection process is essential. Here’s a step-by-step guide on choosing the perfect project management software that meets your needs.

Project requirements assessment

project requirements assessment
Image by Freepik

When choosing the right project management software, starting with your project requirements is essential. Take some time to thoroughly understand your project’s scope, complexity, and team size. Identify the challenges you need the software to address, such as task management, collaboration, or reporting.

Having a clear picture of your project’s unique needs lets you narrow down your options and select a tool that aligns perfectly with your workflow. This proactive approach ensures that your chosen software will enhance organization, improve communication, and ultimately lead to successful project outcomes.

User-friendly interface

user-friendly interface
Image by Freepik

A user-friendly interface is a crucial factor to consider when selecting project management software. Look for a tool that offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring that experienced and new team members can use it effortlessly.

A well-designed interface simplifies task management, file sharing, and communication, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity. With clear menus, visual organization, and straightforward features, team members can focus on the project’s goals rather than struggling with complex software.

A user-friendly interface fosters seamless collaboration, making it a valuable asset for any team looking to streamline their project management process and achieve success easily.

Collaboration features

collaboration features
Image by storyset on Freepik

Collaboration capability is the heart of an effective project management tool. These features facilitate seamless communication and cooperation among team members, regardless of location.

Look for platforms that offer real-time chat, file sharing, and task assignment capabilities, enabling team members to work together effortlessly. With centralized discussions and document access, everyone stays on the same page, avoiding misunderstandings and delays.

Collaborative features encourage transparency, enhance productivity, and build a strong sense of unity within the team. Whether you’re working on a small or large project, collaboration can turn a group of individuals into a well-coordinated and high-performing team, ultimately driving your projects toward success.

Scheduling and planning capabilities

Scheduling and planning capabilities are the backbone of efficient project management software. These features empower you to break down your projects into manageable tasks, set realistic deadlines, and create a clear roadmap for your team.

You can visualize project timelines, dependencies, and progress with intuitive Gantt charts and milestone tracking. This ensures everyone knows their role and responsibilities, avoiding confusion and maximizing productivity.

Additionally, these capabilities enable you to allocate resources effectively, avoiding overloading team members and optimizing work distribution. Whether you’re tackling simple tasks or complex projects, robust scheduling and planning tools lay the foundation for successful project execution, keeping your team on track to meet deadlines and achieve project objectives.

Integration possibilities

integration possibilities
Image by storyset on Freepik

Integration possibilities are a critical aspect to consider when choosing project management software. Look for tools that seamlessly connect and work with your existing systems and apps.

Integration enables smoother workflows and data sharing between different platforms, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of information silos. Whether it’s integration with communication tools like Slack, file storage platforms like Google Drive, or calendar applications, connecting with familiar tools enhances productivity and saves time.

By opting for software that offers various integration possibilities, you can create a cohesive ecosystem that streamlines your project management process and ensures all your tools work harmoniously together.


In the ever-evolving landscape of project management, the 6 best software and tools of 2023 have showcased their prowess in simplifying complexities and driving success. With tailored solutions for diverse needs, from intricate projects to small teams, these tools offer an intuitive experience, fostering collaboration and maximizing productivity.

Regardless of your experience, these top contenders provide the means to streamline communication, allocate resources wisely, and manage budgets effectively. Selecting the right system becomes the gateway to achieving your goals, propelling projects to success, and elevating your team’s performance to new heights in 2023 and beyond.

Embrace these cutting-edge tools to stay ahead in the competitive world of project management and witness your projects flourish like never before.


What is the best tool for project management?

Among all the project management tools I have tried, comes on top. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies task management, enhances collaboration, and provides real-time updates to keep projects on track. With, you can streamline your workflow and achieve successful project outcomes efficiently.

Is project management still in demand?

Yes, project management continues to be in high demand across industries worldwide. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), in a report published in 2021, around 2.3 million project-oriented roles will need to be filled annually until 2030.

The need for skilled project managers has grown significantly due to the increasing complexity of projects and the drive for better efficiency and organization. As businesses strive to meet evolving challenges and stay competitive, project management expertise remains valuable, making it a sought-after and rewarding career path.

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