15 Best Guest Posting Sites & Blogs That You Can Write For In 2023

Guest blogging has always been a powerful tool to generate backlinks and drive website traffic. However, finding the right platforms for guest posting can be tricky. This article introduces you to the 15 best guest posting sites and blogs.

These guest post sites can help you build your domain authority and expose your content to a broader audience, increasing your chance of ranking on Google. Sit back, read on, and get ready to level up your SEO game!

15 Best Free Guest Posting Sites In 2023

1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 91.

  • Niche: SEO.

Search Engine Land stands out as one of the foremost platforms for your guest post submissions in the SEO niche. With a high domain rating of 91, the website has substantial authority and trust in the search engine optimization niche.

The website is well-known for its diverse content about the latest SEO trends, techniques, and news.

Writing a guest post for Search Engine Land boosts your backlink profile and positions you as a thought leader in SEO. If you look to tap into a community of industry experts and enthusiasts, there’s no better platform to target than Search Engine Land.

Read the guest post guidelines to understand their requirements and expectations. Follow them to ensure your guest blog get published.

2. Ranktracker

Ranktracker - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 71.

  • Niche: SEO.

Ranktracker is another top-tier platform for guest blogging in the SEO space. With a solid domain rating of 71, it can assist in boosting your visibility and authority. Ranktracker is particularly renowned for its in-depth articles that simplify the complexities of SEO and SERP rankings.

When you write guest posts for Ranktracker, you will have a unique opportunity to share your expertise with the SEO community and drive traffic back to your site simultaneously.

Ranktracker also looks for frequent contributors, so you can contribute to their blog frequently if you have many great ideas.


AccuRanker - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 72.

  • Niche: SEO, SERP Ranking.

AccuRanker, the parent company of Ranktracker, is another key player in the SEO niche. The company provides great SEO resources for SEO practitioners and online marketers.

Their content is deep and clear, which makes complex SEO practices digestible and compelling.

When you write a guest post for AccuRanker, you are aligning yourself with a well-respected platform and positioning yourself as an SEO expert. This association enhances your visibility and solidifies your reputation within the community.

AccuRanker is always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and insights in SEO. The platform has high standards for its content, so you should aim to create exceptional articles. You can learn more about what they expect from a guest blogger in their guest post submission guidelines.

If you believe you have what it takes, this platform could be your ticket to widen your reach and influence.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 79.

  • Niche: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing.

Serpstat accepts guest posts related to SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing, with a whopping Domain Rating of 79.

As a guest author on Serpstat, you are connecting with a globally recognized brand that’s synonymous with quality and innovation in digital marketing.

Serpstat’s content is known for its analytical depth, attracting a broad audience of marketing professionals and SEO enthusiasts. This makes guest posting here an extraordinary opportunity for exposure and authority building in the field. The quality of content on Serpstat is exceptionally high, so strive to produce insightful, engaging, and original content.

The platform is continually in search of new voices and innovative perspectives. If you think you can contribute to their discourse, Serpstat could be an excellent choice.

Your association with Serpstat will not only generate a powerful backlink but also position you amongst the thought leaders in the digital marketing space.

5. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 88.

  • Niche: SEO, PPC.

Search Engine Watch is a well-respected digital marketing blog with a DR of 88. With a primary focus on SEO and PPC, the platform offers an ideal place for authors wanting to get their expertise in front of a large audience.

As a guest author for Search Engine Watch, you have a remarkable opportunity to align yourself with marketing professionals who are seeking new insights and innovative strategies in their field.

With a commitment to maintaining high-quality content, your contributions to Search Engine Watch should be informative and present unique perspectives on the given niche. This platform can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise, establish your authority, and extend your influence.

Guest posting at Search Engine Watch will entail a powerful backlink and provide you with the chance to be recognized as a thought leader in SEO and PPC. If you believe you can make a significant impact on their discourse, Search Engine Watch is a great candidate for your outreach.

6. Hubspot

Hubspot - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 93.

  • Niche: Marketing, Sales.

Hubspot is undeniably a leading destination for guest posting opportunities. With a Domain Rating (DR) of 93, it is a titan in the Marketing and Sales space.

Besides, their commitment to delivering high-quality, valuable content to their readership is truly impressive.

When you contribute to the Hubspot blog, you present your insights to a worldwide audience. These readers are informed professionals seeking fresh perspectives and strategies in Marketing and Sales.

Guest posting at Hubspot demands high-quality content that provides value and contains original insights. In general, Hubspot is an exceptional platform for you to cast your influence and make your mark in the Marketing and Sales realms.

7. Chatter Buzz

Chatter Buzz - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 61.

  • Niche: Digital Marketing.

Chatter Buzz is an emerging star in the digital marketing space. With a respectable Domain Rating (DR) of 61, it has quickly established itself as a go-to hub for professionals seeking innovative insights into digital marketing.

Chatter Buzz is committed to hosting high-quality content that provides real value to its readers. When you write a guest post for Chatter Buzz, you not only contribute an article but also share your expertise and vision with an engaged community of professionals hungry for fresh perspectives.

What sets Chatter Buzz apart is the diversity of its audience, making it an ideal platform to broaden your influence and reaffirm your authority. If you want to make your mark and share your unique insights within a thriving professional community, writing guest posts to Chatter Buzz is a worthy decision.


GoDaddy - best free guest posting sites
  • DR: 94

  • Niche: Marketing, Web Design, Commerce.

GoDaddy is not just about domain names or web hosting. It has steadily emerged as a prominent platform for sharing thought leadership in fields like Web Design, e-commerce, and Marketing. With an impressive Domain Rating (DR) of 94, GoDaddy is a powerhouse for professionals seeking to expand their reach.

Writing a guest post for GoDaddy means you get to rub digital shoulders with some of the sharpest minds. The readers include savvy business owners, marketing mavericks, and web design whizz kids. They all seek the latest trends, strategies, and insights. The content on GoDaddy is renowned for its quality, originality, and value it provides to its readers.

Contributing to GoDaddy is an outstanding opportunity to establish your authority, share your unique insights, and connect with a diverse and knowledgeable community. It’s a great chance to influence and inspire a global audience. If you have unique insights to share and a story to tell, GoDaddy provides the ideal stage.


Inc.com - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 92.

  • Niche: Business.

Inc.com is an well-established business blog that you should aim to get featured on. Inc. is not only a digital publication, but it’s also a vibrant hub where innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders gather to share breakthrough ideas. As a guest writer for Inc.com, you have the incredible opportunity to contribute to this rich mosaic of thought leadership.

The readership of Inc.com is diverse, ranging from new entrepreneurs on the brink of launching their startups, to seasoned business magnates seeking fresh insights. The content on Inc.com is renowned for being thought-provoking, innovative, and providing real-world value to its readers.

Writing a guest post for Inc.com means sharing the stage with some of the world’s most influential business minds. It’s your chance to showcase your expertise, share your unique perspectives, and perhaps even reshape the way business is done.

If you have a compelling narrative, valuable insights, or ground-breaking ideas, Inc.com is an exceptional platform to voice them.


CoSchedule - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 86.

  • Niche: Marketing.

CoSchedule stakes a robust claim in the realm of marketing, commanding a Domain Rating (DR) of 86. As a haven for marketing enthusiasts, CoSchedule thrives on unique visions and strategies, offering a platform where marketing pros can shine.

CoSchedule is a goldmine of information, bubbling with articles about everything from content marketing to social media strategies. But it’s not just about what you can find on CoSchedule, it’s about what you can add to it.

When you guest post on CoSchedule, you are creatively collaborating with a diverse community of marketers, each brimming with their insights and experiences. This is your chance to share your marketing triumphs, lessons learned, and innovative ideas that could disrupt the status quo.

Remember, your post will be read by thousands of CoSchedule’s followers, eager for fresh perspectives to fuel their marketing fires. It’s an opportunity to make a significant impact in the marketing world and expand your influence.

Get ready to share your insights, inspire others, and elevate the discourse in the marketing niche through your guest post on CoSchedule.


GetResponse - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 90.

  • Niche: Online Marketing.

GetResponse is a bustling hub of online marketing professionals who are keen to share and absorb knowledge in equal measure. With a formidable Domain Rating (DR) of 90, GetResponse is not only reputable but also influential, making it an exemplary platform for your guest posting.

Contributing a guest post to GetResponse is the same as joining a vibrant conversation already in progress, adding your unique insights and experiences to the ideas. It’s not only about disseminating your knowledge but also about learning from others in the process.

When you share on GetResponse, you not only write for an audience, but you also engage with a community that values innovation, creativity, and the push for better marketing strategies. Your words have the potential to inspire, challenge, and even reshape the perspective of many readers. It’s a chance to leave an imprint on the world of online marketing and amplify your voice.

So, ready your pens (or keyboards), gather your most revolutionary ideas, and prepare to contribute to the dynamic discourse on GetResponse.


OnCrawl - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 74.

  • Niche: SEO.

OnCrawl is a significant player in the SEO landscape. It encourages SEO professionals, enthusiasts, and pioneers to expand their horizons and contribute to the community’s collective knowledge base.

Writing a guest blog post on OnCrawl is like entering a dynamic forum where fresh perspectives on SEO are greatly cherished. Here, your words echo not just across screens, but also in the minds of the readers who eagerly anticipate novel insights to enhance their SEO strategies.

OnCrawl values engagement and interaction, making it a space where you not only share your expertise but also learn from others, fostering a culture of collaboration. So, jump into the exciting world of OnCrawl, contribute your thoughts, and be part of an influential community that shapes the future of SEO.

13. webdew

webdew - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 72.

  • Niche: Websites, Marketing, Hubspot.

webdew is a prominent platform in the digital marketing sphere, specializing in websites, general marketing, and Hubspot. Writing guest posts to webdew means you are adding to a collection of compelling and innovative ideas that are shaping the landscape of digital marketing.

Contributing to webdew is like joining a conversation with some of the brightest minds in the field. Your insights, experiences, and fresh perspectives are not just appreciated here, they are eagerly anticipated. The readership of webdew, a mixture of marketing veterans and keen newcomers, is always on the lookout for posts that inspire, challenge, and educate.

webdew is more than a guest posting site. It’s a community, a learning hub, and a platform for thought leadership. It’s an opportunity to make your mark in the world of digital marketing. So, why wait? Dive into the dynamic, vibrant world of webdew, and let your voice be heard – loud and clear!


ClickZ - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 84.

  • Niche: Digital Marketing, Emerging Technology.

ClickZ firmly establishes itself as a heavyweight in the realm of digital marketing and emerging technology. As a guest posting site, ClickZ is a stage that spotlights the confluence of creativity, innovation, and expertise.

Being a contributor to ClickZ signifies adding your voice to a dynamic chorus of digital marketing savants and technology trendsetters. With an audience that spans across the globe, your insights and experiences are shared and celebrated.

ClickZ’s readers are constantly seeking content that enlightens, disrupts, and informs.

Guest posting on ClickZ is not just about sharing thought pieces; it’s about becoming a part of a thriving knowledge hub. So, it’s time to take the plunge into ClickZ, and echo your thoughts across the digital landscape!

15. Mailjet

Mailjet - best guest posting sites
  • DR: 83.

  • Niche: Email Marketing.

Mailjet is an email marketing titan, offering a platform where both experts and novices can share their knowledge, experiences, and insights. As a guest posting site, Mailjet is the perfect runway for your thoughts to take off and reach an audience that is eager for fresh, valuable content.

Being a contributor to Mailjet doesn’t just mean writing articles; it means becoming a part of a community that’s passionate about email marketing. Your voice can resonate through this platform, educating readers about the intricacies and nuances of email marketing.

Mailjet’s readers are always on the hunt for practical advice, innovative strategies, and inspiring success stories. So why not be the one to deliver that? Hop aboard Mailjet, share your wisdom, and watch as your words make waves in the email marketing universe!

What makes a successful guest post?

A successful guest post is not only about stringing words together, it’s an art form that requires knowledge, creativity, and engagement. When crafting your post, focus on delivering a clear, concise message that adds value to the readers. Here’s what you should bear in mind:

  • Content Relevance: Your topic should align with the site’s niche and cater to its audience’s interest. It should offer a fresh perspective or a solution to a common problem within that realm.

  • Quality and Originality: Strive for original content that showcases your unique voice and insights. Plagiarism is a sin in content creation.

  • Engaging and Interactive: Your post should be more than just informative – make it engaging. Use a conversational tone, pose questions, and encourage reader interaction.

  • Well-structured and error-free: Pay attention to your post’s structure. Break it down into headings, subheadings, and bullet points, for easy readability. Ensure it’s proofread and free of grammatical errors.

  • Insightful and Actionable: Give readers something to take away, either concrete advice, a step-by-step guide, or valuable tips.

Essential tools for guest blogging

Several tools can supercharge your guest blogging efforts, each with unique capabilities to streamline your workflow and improve your results.

  • SE Ranking (for finding prospects): This comprehensive SEO software is a fantastic tool for guest bloggers. It allows you to research competitors and identify all the potential guest post opportunities.

  • Surfer SEO (for on-page optimization): Surfer SEO is another must-have tool for creating SEO-friendly content. You can analyze the top-ranking content in your niche, providing insights on keyword usage, content length, and structure, empowering you to create posts that are primed to perform well.

  • LinkedIn (for finding people to reach out to): LinkedIn is a networking platform to connect with influencers in your industry, join relevant groups, and participate in discussions to increase your visibility, build relationships, and pitch your guest post ideas.

  • Hunter.io (for finding contact emails): This is a fantastic tool for finding the email addresses associated with a particular website. It’s an invaluable resource when you’re ready to pitch your guest post, ensuring you can reach out to the right people with your proposal.

More guest posting websites

When you’re ready to expand your guest blogging portfolio, consider turning to other popular sites accepting guest posts. These links will be “no-follow”, but they can help you get more referral traffic.


Medium is a renowned online publishing platform where beginners and experts can share their thoughts and ideas. You can blog about any topic, making it an excellent platform for guest blogging, regardless of your industry.


Similarly, LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to share their expertise and engage with their professional network. LinkedIn makes it easy to showcase your authority, engage with your connections, and reach a wider audience.

How to avoid guest posting farm websites

Avoiding guest posting farm websites is crucial to maintaining the credibility and quality of your content. These websites often host low-quality guest posts and can negatively impact your SEO. Thus, it’s always worth taking the time to find the right platforms for your guest posts. Here are several strategies to identify such sites.

1. Do your research

Before submitting your guest post to any website, do some digging. Check out their content and gauge its quality. Answer these questions:

  1. Are there related categories on the website menus?

  2. Do the websites contain relevant blog posts?

  3. Is the home page NOT a blog page?

  4. Does it have Contact or About pages? Check out this article from EasyAffiliate to learn why these pages are important.

  5. If the site has “Write For Us” page, does it have reasonable guest posting guidelines?

If your answers to these 4 questions are NO, it’s a huge “red flag”. Stay away from these sites.

2. Examine Backlinks

High-quality websites are very picky about their backlinks. If you notice that your potential guest posting site has numerous outbound links to irrelevant websites, it’s likely that these websites just try to sell links to other sites.

3. Check Their Traffic

Use SEO tools like SE Ranking, Ahrefs, or SEMRush to understand the website’s traffic. If it’s suspiciously low or inconsistent, the site may not be worth your time.


In conclusion, guest posting is a powerful tool for building backlinks and increasing traffic, but choosing the right platform can be challenging.

We have provided the 15 best guest blogging sites available right now so that you can start to submit guest posts.

In addition, avoid guest farm sites at all costs. Focusing on high-quality platforms will ensure your content reaches a relevant audience and enhances your SEO effectively.

There is no shortage of reputable sites; it’s about finding the ones that align best with your brand and content. Use the strategies discussed to discern the quality of potential guest posting sites and protect your brand’s credibility.


Is guest posting easy?

Guest posting is easy. You only need to identify potential prospects and reach out to them to express your interest. Once your pitch is accepted, you can contribute a post on their website in exchange for a backlink.

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